To remove a dent without paint consists in pushing or pulling the dent effectively with a tug or a push. When the damage is accessible from the interior of the vehicle we will push it outwards, if not we will pull it from the exterior. We repair the dent until the body returns to its initial form/shape. Specialized instruments, as well as a particular lighting is required and necessary in order to reach a satisfying result.

Desired results of 99.9%, if not 100% are delivered. At times, it is best to live with an excellent 90-95%, than to endure the indentation on your vehicle, because occasionally the dent is classified as impossible or must be considered as a project.

The goal of putting our specialized techniques at work is to be able to keep and preserve your original paint when it is possible and save as much money as possible. We are half way or even thirds in traditional reparation of automobiles’ body.

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